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About our company

Go-Getter develops and realizes strategies of searching of the executive staff.

During nine years we have realized more than 450 projects on attraction of managers of top or medium level in Russian and Ukraine. We are appealed by those, who need the workers with rare capacities, such as:
  • Professionals, who can be trusted with development of business, management of a company or leadership of a direction.
  • Persons with "business instinct", unique experience or knowledge, leading to successful affairs.
  • Accomplished managers, whose ambition for new achievements has not subsided. 
Our clients have long ago become our long-standing partners. Those, who come in touch with Go-Getter for the first time, are as a rule already aware of high quality of our services.

We have been developing the practice of search and estimation of the executive staff since the moment we first appeared in the market. At first we provided medium- and top-level managers for small companies. Today we work for medium and big business of Russia and international companies.

Our practice of executive search is sector-specialized:
  • Industrial companies/ industry / the agricultural sector
  • The investment and construction sector / Development.
  • The transport and logistics sector, shipment
  • Industrial and commercial (trading) companies, distribution, the FMCG sector
  • The financial sector / Banks / Investments

Our clients solve new problems in business. They consolidate assets, increase their costs, actively move towards international standards of corporate management and growth of capitalization and IPO.

New conditions establish new requirements to the management level, so we are continuously developing our contacts in this sphere.

Most of our projects are assigned for search of first two levels of management.

This includes the General management and the director for finance, production, operations, strategy and marketing, development and sales, corporative management, information technologies and law matters, as well as GR, PR, IR and HR.

Significant part of our projects is assessed for search of managers for banks and investments sector and for funds of direct investments.

We are experienced in realization of non-typical orders, which suppose application of unique technologies.