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Particular stages of our work

  1. We help the Client to state demands to the Applicant and develop the profile of his competence. The primary aim of this process is to describe the professional skills, expected from the Applicant, which would lead him to execution of the assigned task.
    Basing on this information, we will be able to state demands to experience, knowledge, skills and personal characteristics of a top-manager, which would help one to achieve the goal. Moreover, we have to model an attractive image of a company and a project itself so that it would excite interest in Applicants.

  2. The next stage is the investigation work. We have to answer the question about where (in which companies) managers with the required experience and competence may work. Go-Getter disposes a significant base on corporative changes, occurring in different companies. We use "insider" information about companies, which is accumulated during our work with Applicants.
    The investigation results in a plan for search of an Applicant. The plan includes a list of industries and certain companies, where the workers required should be looked for. Geographically our searching activities cover the entire Russia and CIS.

  3. Dynamic actions of Go-Getter. These involve direct connection to specialized managers and their deputies, aimed to induce negotiation with the Client. We organize preliminary meetings and estimation of Applicants and seek information from their previous job sites. Consultants of Go-Getter supply the Client with detailed information about structural and functional organization of the trend, led by the Applicant. We study his successes and failures, discover their reasons. Basing on cases, close to aims of the Client, we consider approaches, applied by the Applicant at solution of set tasks.
    Personal meetings always enhance our understanding of the vacant position. As a rule, it leads to extension of searching arrangements. New directions and companies for consideration appear, as well as recommendations for certain people do. We begin to so to say perceive the market with our skin.
    Incidentally, after meeting with experienced Applicants our Clients may specify their requirements to the positions and even realign their plans for certain projects.
    Thus, the stage of search and acquaintance with the market of Applicants may be named "The period of reconnaissance and specification of positions".
    Our experience suggests that after such study cases initial requirements to Applicants may change, and further search will be performed in the mode of more accurate "adjustment".

  4. Each case of searching allows to find people who may be of interest to our Client. However, Parties do not always easily come to an agreement due to various reasons. It is easier for the Intercessor to find out what is more important for Parties at negotiation, and where they can rebate. We help to open the discussion on controversial matters and assist in convergence of positions. This stage may be named "The formation of cooperation motives".

Go-Getter develops and realizes strategies of search of the managerial personnel. We are eager to offer you our qualification and attention to details.